Your employees are one of your greatest assets. Give them a tool to protect your financial assets.

Employees are the eyes and ears of your organization. Employees who understand the negative effect fraud has on the company and them personally are a valuable source of information. They are able to identify wrongdoing without ever seeing a financial statement. Most employees want to do the right thing for their company, and they are often aware of life circumstances that would make a good employee, their coworker take risks. The death of a spouse, a unexpected costly medical emergency, a child entering college, the desire to buy a home are just some of those circumstances that may invite the temptation to commit fraud.

Arm your employees with an affordable option to keep the temptation of fraud out of your company – The iSuspectFraud Employee Tip Line.


"Tips are 2.3 times as likely to uncover fraud than any other method."

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) - “2016 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse” ACFE Website

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Proudly based in Madison, WI, iSuspectFraud is dedicated to a single purpose — helping organizations protect their assets. And it's not just about the bottom line — a single incident of fraud can ruin an organization's reputation, and employee and public trust.

Our Fraud Tip Line and reporting services were created by experienced professionals with a background in business, accounting, and fraud investigation.

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